Beauty Business Basics

Beauty Business Basics introduces the beauty professional to the fundamental systems used to develop, operate, and grow a successful salon business. The program provides an overview of business development, such as the business formation process, developing salon operations and processes, and establishing an online presence. Infrastructure systems address salon setup and equipment procurement, and Marketing systems covers promotions and advertising. 

I’m an Air Force Veteran with 10 years of service as a Computer Systems Technician. All while serving I braided hair. Braiding was a talent I cultivated working under my Mother, Nilar Cowan. Following an Honorable Discharge, I continued to work in IT knowing I would eventually open a salon, yet I had no timeframe. By then, I had built my life and sense of security around IT so a salon was nowhere on the horizon. 


After a series of unfortunate events, I found myself unemployed. I continued formal education and obtained degrees in IT, Business Administration, and Project Management. A couple of months after graduating from graduate school, to my glorious surprise Veteran Affairs had opened the G.I. Bill to vocational schools. It was like the heavens opened over my life. I had gotten a business degree under my belt, a project management degree, and an IT degree. The last phase was a cosmetology degree. I graduated from Iverson Institute and proceeded headfirst into getting this hair thang going.


Well beautiful people, I quickly learned just how ill-prepared I was for working in a salon, even more than that on my own.  It was rough in the beginning. I had no idea what I was doing and there was very little guidance available on how to stand up a reputable business. Anyone that knows me knew I didn't just want to do hair. Professionalism was right up there with being a Bad &** in the industry, so I wanted my business' infrastructure tight. I made so many mistakes. So, so many mistakes. Spent money I didn't have to. I was afraid to invest where I should have. And it was because I didn't know the difference. 


In the fall of 2016, I made a decision that seemed to be the missing piece to this beauty business. Now, this missing piece was just the beginning. Since, then I had implemented some new systems, new technology, and made some changes to how my business operates. I went from planning my exit strategy to planning the expansion of my product offering and services. It was insane. I'd thought the universe was playing a horrible trick on my impeccable ability to hold onto hope for dear life in grim situations that my up would be short-lived and my downfall would be long and hard. But it wasn't. I've had increased expanded my service and product offering to retail and specialty services like custom units and hair extensions services. Since I've continued to add on to my product offering. 

Today, I educate. I want to share my system with others. I want to help young stylists coming into the industry get started as quickly as possible with as few hiccups as possible. I want to help them avoid the pitfalls I'd experienced. I want to help them get off to the best start possible. I also want to help stylists already in the industry doing things better and differently by integrating systems and technologies into their everyday business activities that will make working in their passion a lot easier for them. It saddens me to see the industry lose so many brilliant stylists to burn-out or stylists being phased out because they weren't able to keep up with the technology of today or think it too hard to learn new tricks. 


So... If you are new to the industry and you need guidance on where to start and how to build it out, this is for you.


If you are an established stylist that has a healthy clientele but the business side of operations is not up to par, this is for you.


To get started on, click the link to 'Enroll Now' into Beauty Business Basics

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