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Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center
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Health In Hair & Wellness 
Hair Loss Center

began with the concept of a healthy body - healthy hair. The cells of the hair we love to style, color, flip, and dip are created underneath the epidermis by nerves, blood vessels, hormones and follicles. The body also uses proteins created from amino acids sourced from the food we eat. During my journey to becoming a Hair Practitioner I learned just how much other factors impact hair growth and hair loss, such as hormonal imbalance, emotional stability, diet, adequate rest, medications and toxicity. 

I have helped clients regrow their hair and protected their hair from mechanical damage for over 20 years using common sense and basic hair care practices - cleansing the scalp and hair thoroughly, moisturize the hair and scalp, and refraining from excess tension. I also recommend putting the hair down into a protective styles thus reducing manipulation allowing the hair rest as much as possible. What is completely out of my control is stress. It's just something about stress that causes hair to fall out, break off, or make you pull it out. 

This concept of helping my clients restore their hair to its original glory by healing their minds, bodies and spirit through right eating, right feeling, right thinking, and right being that leads to a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy hair.

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  • Restore the pH of the body by removing toxins - eat more whole foods with healing properties and quality nutrients and decrease the consumption of processed and fast foods.

  • Reduce stress to the body - coping techniques such as meditation, find time to refill your cup, and significantly reduce or eliminate toxic relationships. 

  • Balance hormone storms occurring in the body due to steroid injected animal products, and YES, reducing stress.

  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine - Use food and plant-based alternatives to traditional acidic medications to address dis-ease in the body. 


Our Philosophy on Health Hair

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Hair Loss affects men, women, and children. Often hair loss is perceived as something that just happens due to age, mechanical manipulation, and genetics. More often than not, hair loss is the result of negligent styling techniques, toxic hair care products, nutritional deficiencies, toxins in the body, medications and stress. Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Body. Before conceding to hair loss as a way of life, work with a specialist to identify the root cause of your hair loss and a path to recovery. 

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Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Body. The human body was created with the ability to heal and repair itself when equipped with the proper nutrients, proper hydration, proper activity, and proper rest. With the absence of even one of these major ingredients for optimal performance, the body will experience dis-ease. Disease is not a life sentence to doctors visits and pills. It's an indicator that the body is not "at ease". With nutrient rich foods, adequate hydration of the blood and organs, regular exercise for endurance and the release of positive hormones and stress relief, and sufficient rest for repair and renewal of cells, you will be able to create a body that is at ease. 

Jump start recovery from hair loss by jump starting recovery of the body.

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Health In Mind |

Health In Mind

The Mind is a Beautiful Thing. The brain is the Central Processing Unit of the body. The brain is responsible for processing all communication transmitted by every peripheral of the body; every organ, nerve ending, skin cell, muscle and electrical impulse. It's also responsible for thoughts, good or bad; feelings, good or bad; and actions taken, both good and bad. Just as your head can hurt, your heart can race, and your limbs can go numb as a result of stress; your follicles can release hair in excess as a result of stress. Mental health is just as important to your survival, your personal relationships, and your career as it is your skin, nails, and hair. They feel it too. Make it point to put your body and mind at ease.