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LaShell - Before & After's.png

Achieve up to 6” of Growth in the First
3 to 6 Months!

Achieve up to 6” of Growth in the First
3 to 6 Months!

Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint

A Natural Solution for Longer Thicker Hair 

A Healthy Body for Healthy Hair


You are provided Natural Solutions to Hair Loss that Promotes Healing for your Body and Scalp


Get education that bridges the Gap Between a Healthy Body, a Healthy Diet, and Healthy Hair


You get scalp Therapy Treatments to promote New & Longer Growth Cycles, plus Shorter Shedding Cycles for your hair


You get 24/7 Text and Chat access for

Your Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint Experience

  Help with Hair Loss at Your Fingertips!  


September 2022


February 2023


Hair loss is when new hair does not replace the hair that has fallen out.

The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia.


Alopecia is diagnosable by a general practitioner or dermatologist.


Alopecia can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, self-consciousness and low self-esteem that makes social gatherings very stressful.


The path to hair restoration is unique to each individual.


The Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint creates a clear path to hair restoration using a uniquely customized protocol tailored to meet the needs of each individual member of the program.

Hair Loss Causes
LaShell - Before & After's.png
Possible Causes of Hair Loss
  • Malnutrition

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Medications

  • Stress & Trauma

  • Improper Hair Care

Possible Solutions to Hair Loss
  • Nutrient Rich Diet

  • Stress Management

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Plant-based Alternative

  • Light Therapy

  • Restorative Protective Styles

The Benefits
Growing Plants


Plant-based therapy is easier on the body. It is more readily absorbed for immediate use by the hair, skin, nails, and other vital body systems.


The use of natural ingredients in its most potent nutrient rich form reduces exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals that promote dis-ease in the body and minimizes the likelihood of side-effects most often experienced with pharmaceutical drugs


As a member you will be empowered with the information and education you need to take back control of your health and the quality of life for your future self. No more wondering in the dark of confusion about various conditions and treatments; and no more of the hopelessness of expensive prescription drugs for the rest of your life to treat preventable diseases.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 8.22.55 PM.png


Your body consists of a symphony of systems that work very hard to keep you going. They all work together, they all affect each other, and they all need to be in harmony. You are the key to making this possible.


You will learn how to...

  • Feed your body the tools it needs to heal, repair and restore itself

  • Reduce negative response to inevitable stress in your life

  • Get more active to improve your overall energy levels

  • Promote faster healing and recovery from illnesses


You will see lasting results because you will have taken back control of your health, your eating choices, your activity, and your body's response to the new world you have created for it.


By reprogramming your mind and body you will know how to feed your body for living life to the fullest and feed your hair the substance of strength, beauty, and longevity. 

Everlasting Results.png

For women with

  • Dry, brittle hair

  • Chemically damaged hair that looks dull and lacks luster

  • Hair riddled with split ends that tangles badly even during conditioning treatments

  • Excessive breakage and unevenness that just won't seem to grow past a certain point

Healthy Hair Plan
Holistic Hair Restoration

For women with

  • Traction alopecia from weaves and braids that were done way too tight

  • Excessive thinning from unexplained shedding

  • Hair growth that has been stunted by medical conditions and toxic medications

  • Receding hairline from wearing wigs that are too tight, rough on the hair and scalp, and just don't fit right

Medical Hair Replacement

For women with

  • An Alopecia Diagnosis

  • CCCA - Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia

  • Irreversible hair loss 

  • Medical Insurance Benefits for a Durable Medical Device/Cranial Prosthesis

Click here to learn more about Medical Hair Replacement

Program Options

Book a free 30 minute consult by clicking the button below. 

Book a Consult
Meet with the Specialist

Join the call. Select an area that is quiet and free from distractions.  


Get ready for transformation!

Get Started

Hair Restoration is NOT Cookie Cutter
Every person is different. No two people share the exact same circumstances, stress of life, eating habits, health conditions or lifestyle.

The Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint is customized to address the specific needs of each applicant.

For this reason, program costs are discussed with the hair loss practitioner

following an evaluation of the Hair Restoration Assessment.

To get started with your customized Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint

Dyniecia Barnes.png

A Hair Restoration Specialist that Cares 

Dyniecia Barnes, is a Master Cosmetologist and an IAT Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with over 20 experience working with women suffering with traction alopecia, thinning and severely damaged hair. Her career in the hair loss industry began with a fellow service member seeking braiding services after experiencing traction alopecia as result of braids. Using practical methodologies she has learned from her mom for nurturing the scalp, protective styling techniques, and hair care Dyniecia helped her sister in arms restore her edges the natural hairline, heal her scalp, and grow her natural hair longer healthier hair over a six month period.

The Specialist

This sparked a small business for Dyniecia, in that she became "the American that does braids" for women services members, military wives and their children for RAF Lakenheath, UK and Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Japan. Although she continued to serve in the Air Force as a Computer Systems Specialist, she knew she would become a Master Cosmetologist in the beauty industry.

In 2015 she launched Salon JOIERE and specialized in natural hair care, healthy hair education, and protective styling, Dyniecia became alarmed by the number of women and young girls as young as 10 years of age seeking her expertise to bring their hair back to health from damage and to recover from hair loss. Although she was not hair loss practitioner at the time, clients trust her with their hair and believed she could help them with their hair loss problem.

The demand for help sent Dyniecia on a path to study health and wellness, plant based alternative, plant based medicines, the causes of hair loss, and viable solutions to restore the hair without harsh hair care products, drugs, or invasive treatments that are expensive and all too often, ineffective. What Dyniecia had learned from the advice of veterans in the beauty industry and consults with hair loss specialists a second spark ignited her desire to expand her knowledge and expertise of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Solutions.


Today, Dyniecia works with women suffering with hair loss use holistic methodologies and natural remedies. She empowers her clients by educating then on how to take better care of their hair, safe and easy styling options for when they can't make into the salon, how to select quality hair care products and so much more both in the salon and online events. She has consolidated her knowledge through formal education, specialty training, and experience to create the Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint for women suffering with hair loss.

Hair has always been my passion, second only to helping others. It would be my absolute pleasure to help you restore your hair and to show you how to take care of it and protect it for the rest of your life!

~ Dyniecia Barnes

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