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Medical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Medical Hair Replacement is a non-invasive solution for women experiencing hair loss that is reimbursable by your insurance company for medically diagnosed hair loss, such as Alopecia. People diagnosed with hair loss may be prescribed a Cranial Prosthesis or Durable Medical Device due to medical necessity.

Medical Hair Replacement Intake
Hair Model

What IS
Non-Surgical Hair REplacement

Non-surgical Hair Replacement is the technique of attaching a hair replacement system to the scalp. This hair system is made of 100% natural human hair and is customized to match your head shape, hair density and hair color.

NSHR is great alternative to painful surgical procedures and invasive treatments. Hair replacement systems are available for clients experiencing partial, advanced or total hair loss. They may be pre-manufactured (meaning already made by a manufacturer of units) or they may be made from scratch, constructed and customized to your specifications in length, color, and density. 

To speak with someone about Non-Surgical Medical Hair Replacement unit click the button below to book a consult or call (770) 870-6265 x 1. 

Participants of the Medical Hair Replacement program and clients who have purchased a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement unit have also entered one of the Hair Restoration Treatment programs designed to repair damaged hair and restore hair growth.  

See below for available hair restoration programs

HEALTHY HAIR Restoration

Holistic Hair Restoration Treatments - Customized treatment plans designed to meet the individual needs of the client taking into consideration their lifestyle, health conditions, and hair & scalp care needs. One treatment plan does not fit all and we understand that fact here at Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center. Book a Consultation to get started with a Holistic Hair Restoration Plan tailor made just for you.

Natural Beauty


A customized plan for restoring your hair to its original glory. Often times we are doing all of the things, but we still don't see the results that others are experiencing. The key to beautiful hair is doing the right things for your hair. Whether you hair has been damaged by chemicals, hair styles, or neglect, I will develop a plan that is based solely on the needs of your hair to fit your lifestyle. Book a Consultation to get started with a  Healthy Hair Care Treatment Plan that is right for you. 

Natural Beauty
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