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The Beauty Business Playbook is a supplemental resource for the Beauty Business Basics Playbook online course. This playbook is an introduction to the BUSINESS of beauty that answers questions like "Where do I start?", "What all do I need to do to start a salon, nail shop, etc.?", "How do I set up multiple payment options?", and so much more. 


Beauty Business Basics Playbook is a must have for all new beauty professionals aspiring to operate as Small Business Entrepreneurs. 



If you have questions, feel free to book a Consult with Dyniecia Barnes, a 5 Star Business Owner, whose philosophy is


"We all can win. Beauty Pros are my Colleagues, not Competition."

 Dyniecia Barnes ~

Beauty Business Basics Playbook

$35.00 Regular Price
$17.50Sale Price
  • Download a PDF Reader from your mobile device app store. You may also visit Adobe Acrobat for a download compatible for your device. 

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