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I tried the KMB Great Hair System on my hair and I LOVE IT!

Updated: Apr 22

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Watch as I demonstrate the process I follow to press my own hair. My hair was treated with the KMB Great Hair Reconstructor System and I must say it turned out beautifully!

I've tried several amino acid systems. Some great - some not so great. By far this is the best one I've ever used. I found that other systems required a lengthy process, repetitive processes like shampooing, applying, press, then shampoo and press again. Ah! Others left a film on the hair that you could not remove till your next shampoo which has to be a week or more later. And there were some that just didn't work as described. Most of them required either a lot of passes over the hair with low heat, or required several passes over the hair with high heat potentially damaging the curl pattern.

What stuck out with me about the KMB Great Hair System is the application was easy, processing time was reasonable, the hair shampoo clean without buildup, the serum was super light weight, the hair looked and felt hydrated and shined beautifully, and my hair survived Georgia's humidity. I KNOW RIGHT! It's now a staple in my salon.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out these client testimonials and then decided if the KMB Great Hair Amino Acid system is right for you.

Aniyah L on the KMB Great Hair Amino Acid System After 6 months on the system, Aniyah's hair is growing beautifully and strong. For an update on her progress watch this.

Helorie, Client Testimonial on the KMB Great Hair System

Helorie has been on the KMB system as well and has experienced so much significant growth that she is no longer afraid of trims. Her hair is stronger and has thickened up.

KMB Great Hair is great for

  • Prolonging Silk Presses or Silk Outs

  • Strengthening distressed hair suffering from chemical & mechanical damage and split ends

  • Added protection following chemical services

KMB Great Hair Home Care System

The KMB Great Hair Amino Acid System

is a great option for people with textured (natural) hair, chemically treated hair for added support, and damaged hair experiencing breakage.

The process is easy, fast, and is set with a single pass at a safe temperature for flat ironing and thermal styling, and last for more than 6 months. The KMB Great Hair Amino Acid System does not break the curl pattern, yet it supports and strengthens the hair shaft preserving the integrity of the hair.

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